The E.T.S company was founded in 2001, with activity throughout Albania.

The company E.T.S shpk was founded in 2001, with the extension of its activity throughout Albania. The purpose of establishing ETS in Albania was mainly to find alternatives to uninterrupted electricity supply for electricity corporations, various state institutions and public utility companies.

Faced with a difficult reality regarding electricity supply, not only for state institutions but also for private companies, industry, tourism, the education system and the general population, ETS decided to invest by offering a wide platform in products and services in order to respond to market demands with quality and in the shortest possible time. The main activity of ETS has been and remains in the field of electricity including High Voltage, Medium Voltage and Low Voltage, installation and maintenance of generating equipment, electricity supply and distribution equipment in industry and Telecommunications.

In recent years, taking into account changes and market demands, the activity of our company has expanded in the field of telecommunication systems. ETS shpk has the necessary qualified technical engineering staff ready to provide services, the necessary technical assistance and the right professional solution at any time.


To be the first and best choice in services and materials in the entire Energy and Telecommunications sector throughout the country.


To provide complete quality solutions in all areas of energy and telecommunications. To understand the requirements and needs of our customers and give them the best solution and at a lower cost than our competitors.

Our Values


All our team members are high-qualified, educated and skilled. All of them are trained constantly .


Our teams are committed and ready to go. We are on task and on time. No matter the difficulty.


We deeply respect our clients, their business and their mission. More and more we put our clients first.


We rely on our dedication and our experience to provide the best quality in the market.


No matter how difficult a project is, we persist in providing the best service and achieving success.


With a wide range of successful projects, we are confident that we are the best choice.